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Evidence of a good life can only be had when the air is as clean as the soul.


Tri-Dim Filter Corporation


Tri-Dim Filter Corporation was founded in 1968 by Mr. John Stanley to develop and market innovative filtration medias. This focus lead to the development of one of the first depth loading medias designed to be an air filtration media – Tri-Dek®. These humble roots and clear-cut focus have guided Tri-Dim for over 40 years to an international leader in the filtration industry.

Tri-Dim was founded on the principle of ‘Value-in-Use’. This founding principle is our heritage and is still our guiding philosophy today. ‘Value-in-Use’ simply stated is that the true value of a product should come from the products use. This is accomplished by providing such benefits as longer service life, better efficiencies,
energy savings and other benefits through innovative approaches to air filtration.

By utilizing this ‘Value-in-Use’ philosophy Tri-Dim has experienced dramatic growth over the past several decades and has emerged as an industry leader.

Tri-Dim’s future looks bright as we continue to hold to our history and as we move ahead under creative leadership and continue to offer revolutionary solutions and services.

As Tri-Dim moves forward our product and service offerings have grown to include air filtration, liquid filtration, HVAC supplies, cleanroom filtration, air purification equipment, gas phase filtration, IAQ Testing, IAQ Remediation, Filter Changing Services and the list goes on and on and continues to expand. Click Here to visit Tri-Dim Filter Corporation!